Features and Benefits of Shower Bathroom Suites

The shower bathroom suites are an excellent choice for you if you are looking for a one-off solution for all your bathroom makeover needs. It also includes small bathroom suites that are a great option when you have limited space available. Bathrooms are getting compact, and space is becoming a premium. You need to think twice before adding additional items to the bathroom, like a free-standing cabinet or a bathtub. The compact space only allows you to add essential items like a toilet, sink, and shower area. 

But you don’t need to worry anymore as this article will let you know everything you can add in small bathrooms. You will know about every essential item to add to the small bathroom, from compact toilets and sinks to small shower enclosures.  

What Are Shower Bathroom Suites? 

The shower bathroom suites are a complete package that includes a shower bath. It consists of all the essential sanitary items that a bathroom should have. It includes a toilet, sink, bathtub, and shower panels. Similarly, small bathroom suites relate to compact bathroom items with a smaller version of toilets and basins. 

Are Shower Bathroom Suites Any Different?

In simple words, the shower bathroom suites are not any different from other bathroom suites. These are also a combination package of different fittings and fixtures. It is a shower suite because it includes a shower panel, enclosure or a shower bathtub as the main items. You will find it in every package along with other fittings and fixtures, depending on the type of package you choose. And not to forget these will offer you the same benefits as other suites offer. If you are looking for a shower for a compact space, then it is an ideal choice for you. The major benefits you can expect includes

  • The bathroom suites are great choices for anyone going for the bathroom makeover for the first time.As there will be no need to understand everything related to bathrooms. 
  • You can save time and hassle you otherwise to go through in finding the similar size, style, and design items separately.
  • It will help you to remain within the budget as these cost a lot less than separate 

What includes in Shower Bathroom Suites for Compact Bathrooms? 

Following are some of the best items that should be present in any small bathroom to fulfil the basic need and have plenty of room to use the bathroom comfortably:

  • Slimline Toilet Unit

A slimline toilet unit is a compact version of the traditional toilets that are most suitable for small bathrooms. These toilets are built while keeping the space element into consideration. It has a slim design without any unnecessary designs that promote a wide toilet frame. Slimline toilet units promote practicality over fanciness. However, these toilets aren’t ugly; their simple design is the need of modern contemporary bathrooms. Overall, these toilets make the bathroom look spacious. 

  • Wall-Hung Toilets 

If you want even more space, then go for a wall-hung toilet for your small bathroom. These toilets are installed on the wall. The cistern is placed inside the wall to move the bowl backwards and save the space that the cistern would have eaten in traditional toilets. 

Wall hung toilets are an advanced version of back to wall toilets where the cistern is hidden inside the wall in both cases. These toilets proved a futuristic look to your bathroom but came at a slightly higher cost than traditional toilet units. 

  • Small Sink with Cabinets

The sink is the second essential item that comes under bathroom suites. The modern development in bathroom designs has combined a sink with cabinets which is called a vanity unit. The main attraction of a sink with cabinets is that the area below the sink is utilized to make cabinets and make some considerable storage space. It’s an efficient design, especially for a small bathroom where you cannot place large storage furniture. The sink is also compact in design and stands on top of the cabinets.

  • Small Shower Enclosures 

If you are lucky enough to have space to install a shower enclosure, you must go for small square or rectangular shower enclosures. They have a contemporary design that adds up to the bathroom’s elegance. Small shower enclosures are less intrusive on space and prevent water from spilling over the whole bathroom while taking a shower. 


Concluding it, small bathroom suites are specially make to give your bathroom as many features as possible. However, it’s up to you that what you want in the small bathroom. Its recommended adding a toilet with a sink unit in the small bathroom if you want even more space. Furthermore, a simple shower panel is enough for a small bathroom to stay with the standard options.

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Getting The Best Quality Shower Bathroom Suites

In this article, we have a discussion about shower bathroom suites. These can be a great choice for any bathroom requiring a makeover. You get a lot of benefits by getting them for your space. In addition to that, small bathroom suites are also available for compact spaces. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we offer you everything you need for the bathroom makeover at competitive prices.

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