Is HP ProBook 6470b good for gaming?

HP ProBook 6470b

Gaming Performance

The hp probook 6470b i5 price in india (B5W83AW) can be described as a full-time business laptop since it isn’t equipped with the graphics card of a specific manufacturer. A built-in graphics card as well as the powerful dual-core processor still allow for occasional gaming.

About HP ProBook 6470b

HP’s ProBook 6470b is among the few laptops for business that have a an enviable screen that measures ibm laptops price list. Many business clients who value efficiency and performance would prefer to avoid Ultrabook models that sacrifice in terms of configuration and performance to gain higher mobility. One method by which enterprise laptops that are hefty will attract these customers is to present a superior device with the proper ports and user-friendliness.

The giant manufacturer, Hewlett Packard, has been providing its ProBook Business laptop line for some time now. Good workmanship and high-quality performance, stability, coupled with an impressive connectivity and a high-performance make HP’s ProBook 6470b. The casing, constructed of brushed matte aluminum and has been completely adapted from HP’s previous ProBook 6460b and upgraded with modern hardware. It comes with Windows 7 Professional, the ProBook 6470b (B5W83AW) is priced at 1084 euros (~$1420 price). Customers can pick from 21 models with prices that range from 880 euros to 1130 euro (~$1160 or $1480 at RRP) within the 6470b collection.

Our device of choice is the second-highest priced and specifically targeted at business users with small budgets. The high-end ProBook 6470b (B6P71EA) model comes with less power and, in exchange, has a 128GB SSD. With a price tag of 1030 euros (~$1480) The current laptop has the Intel Core i5 processor featuring vPro technology as well as a 500GB hard disk , and a speedy 4GB of memory for working. Despite its smaller size it has a DVD player included, just like the 15-inch model. In addition to the HD-ready matte screen, HP bestows the ProBook 6470b with Office compatible connectivity. The extensive test we conducted shows how well these powerful components function together.


Connectivity of HP’s ProBook 6470b is extremely extensive. Apart from the HDMI port, nearly all the interfaces users might require are available. HP also comes with a handful of specific for business ports. The area to the sides of the chassis is used extensively. The front of the chassis is not devoid of ports, besides some status LEDs.

In addition to an DisplayPort as well as next to a DisplayPort and a VGA port to transmit video for external displays, FireWire (IEEE 1394y) as well as an USB/eSATA 2.0 combination port are also installed. HP has also added two USB 3.0 ports, as well as a unique SmartCard reader that is in ExpressCard 54 form. Unfortunately both USB ports are very close to one another, so that larger USB flash devices or plugs block the port next to it. A RJ11 connector for an internet connection is located next to the typical Gigabit Ethernet port. Because the majority of ports are in the rear of the laptop and a large cable mess can be prevented with a docking device that is not included.


The webcam on HP’s ProBook 6470b (B5W83AW) is situated in the upper part of the bezel. It is supported by two microphones, one on each side and the light sensor. Video calls with resolutions of 720p are not a problem and are compatible with all services. However, the image quality is increased exponentially under unfavorable lighting conditions.


HP incorporates oval-shaped stereo speakers inside the ProBook 6470b, which are ideal for video calls or background music, despite their size. However, they emit the sound of a high-frequency treble, with unclear mids and no bass if the volume is raised even a bit. The speakers’ peculiar placement makes for poor audio quality. It appears there was not enough space to have a decent stereo positioning. We strongly recommend an external sound system for playing video games, watching films or listening to music. The sound quality could be achieved at maximum volume with the 3.5 millimeter jack and sophisticated headphones with high impedance.


HP’s ProBook 6470b is equipped with all sorts of communications options for corporate and private networks. Alongside the Intel 82579V Gigabit Network Connection (10/100/1000 MBit) Ethernet port, an RJ11 version is available to connect via cable. Wireless data transmission takes place by the Intel Centrino Advanced-N module for LAN. It transmits using standards IEEE 802.11 A/B/G/N and Bluetooth 4.0 +EDR. It is not equipped with a WWAN device was not present in the test device to enable wireless broadband connectivity.


HP’s ProBook 6470b (B5W83AW) is equipped for protecting sensitive data. Fingerprint readers protect sensitive data from unwanted access. A Kensington lock is a deterrent to theft when a lock that matches is connected to the. A TPM embedded Security Chip 1.2 is also integrated. Together with Intel’s Anti Theft technology, the installed vPro processor allows users to remotely delete or block sensitive information. Another feature that is a favorite among businesses is the low-cost remote maintenance that involves remote configuration as well as diagnostics, localization, and repair. If needed HP’s ProBook 6470b can also detect SmartCard readers through its ExpressCard 54 slot.

HP also installs a number of security software solutions that are built into the laptop. HP’s ProtectTools encryption of hard drives, also known as Enhanced Pre-Boot Security is a good illustration. Face recognition with the webcam allows secure connection into the user’s interface. The antivirus program Microsoft Defender with MS Security Essentials guards against malware. CompuTrace helps locate the laptop that was stolen.

Accessories and Software

While HP’s ProBook 6470b (B5W83AW) has a variety of interfaces however, the American manufacturer isn’t exactly accommodating when it comes down to accessories, as do other OEMs. The small package includes its laptop as well as a small 90 watts power supply as well as a quick start guide. Additionally, there are two optical data carriers that are suitable for drivers as well as the Windows 7 Professional 64 bit operating system that comes with Service Pack 1. HP is generous with its software. Alongside running the OS, a variety of useful applications are preinstalled. Microsoft Office 2010 Starter is one of them. It’s only Word as well as Excel that are limited in functionality, and advertisements. Skype allows video chats and video calls possible. Roxio Burn as well as Roxio MyDVD Business are also a sensible burning and player software. Additionally you can also download the pdf Complete Corporate Edition and WinZip Basic are both on your hard drive. The majority of programs are exclusive HP creations.


HP’s ProBook 6470b (B5W83AW) is only available with a 12-month bring-in warranty that expires at the factory. If you pay at minimum 140 Euros (~$190) the warranty can be extended to 3 years, which includes pick-up and return. The price is 325 euros (~$430) is the minimum for a three-year on-site service, which provides support on a next business day.

Input Devices


HP offers a standard chiclet, matte black keyboard with no designated number pad on the ProBook 6470b. The layout covers the entire width of the chassis. The number pad can be found on the keyboard with the FN number combination. The upward and downward Arrow keys are smaller than the other keys, making navigation somewhat difficult.

Alongside the casing in addition to the casing, the ProBook 6470b (B5W83AW) comes with a keyboard, which is shared with the more expensive and professional EliteBook 8470p. It is able to meet the demands of business users. A clear pressure point and medium key drop are key features of this keyboard. They can be used by people who spend a significant amount of time using the keyboard. The moderate sound of typing isn’t excessively annoying. Because of the keyboard’s solid bed, we didn’t notice any clattering sound as we typed more.

The control of volume and brightness along with other unique functions are activated by the key combination called FN. It’s great that the font remains consistent in neutral white and is visible even in dim lighting. Backlighting for keyboards is not offered. In exchange, HP makes the keyboard spill-proof, and also provides a designated drainage. So, the keyboard will not need to be returned to repair in the event of accidental spills.


The touchpad measures 101 x 49 mm and is made of a matte material with good gliding characteristics. It’s a little lower in the wrist rest , and the mouse button frame it from both the top and bottom. The upper and lower buttons belong to the additional Pointer which is a favorite as a business tool for its ThinkPads that Lenovo has made famous similar to the T430s. It is necessary to navigate effectively using it, and you’ll not be able to ignore this option for a touchpad. All replacement mouse buttons have an excessively long key drop as well as a clear pressure point. If you would prefer to use the Nub it is possible to disable it by tapping on the left upper corner. A status LED in red indicates the device’s inactivity.

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