If you are interested in doing a drop servicing business or have tried working as a freelancer, you must have dealt with a few drop servicing platforms. It is debatable whether these websites are effective or not; Since a few people find work in a few weeks of starting their career, some cannot even score a client in months. There are many clients out in the market, but how you can make a deal with them is a complex question. The drop service providers have difficulty locating the right client and often give up on their work.  

If you are trying hard to get a client, yet lacking in some ways, here is your guide to help you through it. 

How to find a client :

  1. Have a presence of freelance websites: The freelance websites are a hub of people trying to get their work done; they post their jobs, quote an estimated price and wait for freelancers to apply for it. You must have a presence on these sites so the clients can visit your gigs and contact you for the purpose. Numerous sites have been proven beneficial in the field. Fiver and Upwork are the ones widely popular among the masses. 
  1. Maintain your reputation: Once you have a presence on the freelance sites, you must create a repo between the clients. You need to stay online for at least half your day and be responsive to the clients. If you are absent and check your account just once in a while, it is a probability that you might lose the clients; remember, nobody likes waiting. 
  1. Negotiate: The big companies come to such freelancers because they know the competition in the market and feel that freelancers would charge them the minimum cost. It is beneficial for the company, but it might lose you as a service provider. So, while finding a client, negotiate about the prices. You are indeed searching for work, but that does not mean that you cannot try getting a good deal. 
  1. Collect reviews on your gigs: Finding a client with a new gig is quite tricky since they do not have any reviews or guarantees of your quality. In the initial stages, you can ask a few friends or relatives to get some minor task done from you and post a review about it. It might sound a little wrong to a few people, but this is the only way you can begin without an actual order. 
  1. Create accounts of question forums: If you google any query, the highest probability is that you will find a site like Quora with answers about it. You can create an account and provide solutions relevant to your gigs. Your professionalism, insight, and ability to deliver a message will attract clients towards you and your profiles, and you will be able to get a client after all. 
  2. Get premium accounts: A casual freelancer can work with a regular free version, but you must have premium accounts or paid Ads and upliftments as a service-providing agent. Set your budget accordingly and invest it in enhancing the visibility of your account to people. A premium account will also give you hands-on insights and profile visits. You can keep a tab on everything and manage your lackings accordingly. 
  1. Set a look at your profile: An essential thing that will attract your client is the overall look of your profile. You must get proper posters and content defining your gigs and giving an accurate idea of your services. Clients are hardly ever interested in opening a gig that looks pale in the posters. It is an essential thing that an expert should handle your graphics and content with professionalism and creativity. 
  1. Outreach by Emails or Linkedin: Many companies are also posting jobs and assignments on their LinkedIn pages. You can keep an eye on it and find things using keywords that are relevant to your task. Once you have a list, you can start sending Emails or directly messaging the client on linked in.
  1. Give Ads: If you plan on doing a full-scale drop servicing business, you must give out Ads to bring more people. Post your Ads on Google, Facebook, and other paid websites that might be relevant for the clients. 

The drop servicing platforms are indeed valuable and practical if you know the right way to use them. Having a lousy and unmaintained profile with long response hours and under professionalism is unwanted to any client. Remember, your availability and sense of duty is your most valuable feature; if you disappoint a client with it, you are in trouble. Follow all the tips mentioned above and increase the probability of bringing a client to your site. Get started today and write a story of your success.

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