Top Five Gamification Plugins In 2021

Why is gamification important for your website?

Gamification is the process of introducing gaming-like elements into your website to make it more interactive and appealing for your visitors. Also, eliminating the boredom aspect from your website, which is what makes it so bad.

According to research, 50% of video game guys in 2020 will be between the ages of 17 and 35, and 10% will be 65 or older.

In the real world, WordPress gamification plugins are exactly what you need to add game aspects to your site with simplicity. We’ll go through how gamification works, what it can do for you, and listing the top 5 gamification plugins in 2021:

What Are The Differences Between Gamified Features And Gamified Elements?

Gamified features and elements are software tools and abilities that provide gamification advantages inside the context of the product. The following are prime examples of gamified features and elements:

  • Leaderboards
  • Prizes
  • Credit
  • Newsfeeds
  • Challenges

Some of the finest gamification plugins for 2021 are listed below:


myCRED is the most popular and excellent WordPress gamification plugin. It’s a smart and adaptable reward management system that lets you create and manage a wide range of digital incentives such as credits, ranks, and badges on your WordPress/WooCommerce communities. Furthermore, this plugin allows you to reward your consumers, create store incentive systems, community leaderboards, monetize your content instantly, and much more.

In fact, rewarding your users for community engagement will allow you to expand your business. Also, leading third-party WordPress plugins, including buddyPress, Contact form 7, WooCommerce, etc., supports myCred.


GamiPress is one the best gamification plugins in the business. GamiPress is an example of a plugin that integrates exclusively with LearnDash. For beginners, the plugin is idyllic. You may use this plugin to add many types of interesting activities to your LearnDash platform. For new users, you will be able to design an interactive quiz segment. After you’ve finished the quiz, you’ll be able to calculate an instant score.

With this plugin, the visitor will be able to post an assignment. GamiPress will also enable you to construct a variety of exciting games. It is well-suited with the most recent version of WordPress and is also extremely simple to use. WPML compatibility is also an additional feature in the plugin. This plugin does not require you to be a programmer.


By creating achievement-based badges, this plugin helps you enhance engagement and creates a more engaging atmosphere for you, your users. Its customizable gamification system allows your audience to show off their greatest skills, outperform their peers, and earn exclusive badges when completing specific tasks and reaching goals.

Various evaluation tools are available to identify levels and provide information on advancing through the ranks by completing certain requirements.

This gamified plugin includes sophisticated capabilities such as reviews, auto submissions, and points or rewards. The best part is that practically all of the features are easily configurable, and there are no restrictions on the types of achievements you can define. Users can also share their badges across social media networks.


The MoolaMojo plugin is an excellent method to incorporate a virtual credit system into your site. It improves the website’s enticements and gamification features, making it more dynamic and exciting for users.

You can use the plugin to give your users awards for their actions. It will also enable virtual cash when a user performs various actions. You’ll also be able to charge your consumers virtual currency for certain  or “upgrades.” You can also use the website to sell virtual currency for real money to increase your profits.

Captain Up

Captain Up is another good choice for a gamification plugin, enabling users to generate badges, points, and leaderboards without technical expertise or programming skills.

This feature-rich plugin makes it simple to increase blog engagement by allowing you to share your earned badges across various social media sites.

Hold your consumers by not allowing them to leave your website and go to another store. It’s feasible with Captain Up since it empowers people to handle things according to their needs. It is easy to customize, and anyone can set up every aspect of this plugin to match the theme’s branding.

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